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You will be amazed when your event is over how much of it will be a blur in your memory. Capture all of the wonderful sights, sounds and emotions of your day for yourself and future generations to see with our professional Cinematography Services. A video of such a special occasion is considered the quintessential family heirloom. Everything is captured with either 3 chip digital broadcast cameras, or the latest DSLR cameras and edited on state of the art digital editing systems. Our Cinematography staff has been working alongside our crew for years. This guarantees a synergy along with no missed shots and perfect audio feeds directly form our soundboards. We also use low light cameras that don’t destroy the ambience of the evening. Call for a private viewing demonstration.


Today’s advances in lighting and media technology have greatly transformed the event, décor,and production industries over the past decade. Flipside’s Lighting Designers have embraced these technological advances through the use of the latest state-of-the-art computerized special effects and lighting fixtures on the market.

Examples of such technology within our arsenal are our LED fixtures.

LED’s have made an infinitepallet of colors available to our designers and are cool to the touch and use less power requirements than recent fixtures in the past. LED’s can be used to wash a wall or curtain, or illuminate a table with static or changing color. Whether it’s an elegant wedding reception, or a high-tech corporate themed event, our team of lighting designers and techs can transform just about any space before your eyes.Here are just a few of the items that we supply

  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Wall Washes
  • Pi n Spotting
  • Projection Lighting Patterns
  • Custom Gobos
  • Illuminated Staging
  • Black Lighting
  • Custom Trussing

Video displays have become increasingly popular within the event industry.  Flipside utilizes both LED Flat Screens & Projectors according to the space requirements and applications for each individual event.  We are always finding new and creative ways to mount and present our video & Image displays.

We offer:

  • Video Jocks mixing the latest music videos to packed dance floors
  • Ambient & Themed video content
  • Live Simulcast of the action as it happens
  • Custom Event Branding
  • Captured Still Photo Shots taken at your event
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Photo & Video Montages

A popular use of our screens has been for the presentation of photo and video montages.Look back in time via a collage of images set to music that’s guaranteed to capture a lifetime of memorable moments of the guest of honor, their family and friends. This personalized addition to your Video Display Package is great for all occasions.

Making your event POP is our specialty! We're here for you.